• Buckeye
  • Cavalor
  • Kentucky Equine Research
  • Nutrena
  • Purina
  • Tribute
  • Triple Crown
  • Special Orders Available


  • Feed/Hay/Shavings delivery within a 20 mile radius
  • After hours pickup 
  • Special Orders, Large Quantity Orders

Also Offering:

  • Large selection of Supplements
    • Cavalor
    • EquineElixirs
    • Equithrive
    • Life Data Labs, Inc
    • And many more
    • Special Orders available
  • Hay
    • Mixed Grass- A mix of local Tennessee and Orchard grasses
    • Western Timothy- a compressed bale of high quality Timothy hay
    • Alfalfa- high quality Alfalfa hay, not mixed with any other grass
    • Large quantities are available to be delivered upon request 
  • Bedding
    • We carry Greentree shavings.  This green and sustainable company offers a variety of high quality extremely low dust products to meet your needs.  
      • Premium Shavings- The largest flake offered by Greentree that offers the most coverage per bag (~9 cuft/bag) and is engineered to be the softest under hoof and is the lowest in dust.  
      • Select Shavings- this medium particle offers the best attributes of large and small flake products.  It picks well, offers good coverage (~6 cuft/bag) and maintains cushioning.  
      • Easy Pick Shavings- is the smallest and most absorbent shaving, offering the least amount of coverage per bag (~3.25 cuft/bag).  It is easy to sift through minimizing waste while clumping well to lead to a clean stall.  Offers the least amount of coverage per bag (~3.25 cuft/bag). 
      • Pelleted shavings- Dense pellets made of compressed Easy Pick shavings. Wetting the product creates a dust shield, trapping virtually all airborne dust.  This is Greentree’s longest lasting product
    • Large quantities available